New NFT Record: $ 1.5 Million Virtual Pitches

The craze for non-fungible tokens (NFT) continues to spread across blockchains. As proof, a new price record: a series of NFTs from Axie Infinity sold for the colossal sum of 1.5 million dollars. Zoom on this blockchain project and the craze for virtual land.

New record for the sale of a virtual land in the form of NFT

The blockchain game Axie Infinity has communicated on this new record for the sale of NFT. The buyer paid a cool $ 888.25 ETH for a series e field s virtual, or 1.5 million.

The buyer therefore leaves with 9 virtual lands present in the Axie Infinity ecosystem. These lands are offered in the universe of Lunacia, and they can allow their owners to build digital infrastructures in order to raise funds. The buyer, Flying Falcon, explained his choice:

„We are witnessing a historic moment: the arrival of digital nations with their own private property systems e , clearly delineated s irrevocable s . Land of Axie have a value of entertainment, social and economic, in the form of future resource flows. „

Interest in virtual land is at its highest

As Axie Infinity points out, with this sum the buyer could have bought a villa in the real world. This therefore shows the attractiveness of digital courses, which are creating new real estate models entirely virtual s .

Several large-scale projects of the same type, for example Decentraland or The Sandbox , have succeeded in attracting investors in recent months. At the start of 2020, Decentraland had thus managed to sell 3,400 ETH of virtual land in just 5 hours . The big names in cryptos have also started to position themselves to generate income on virtual land. This is the case with Binance, which is The Sandbox’s biggest investor .

Digital real estate is therefore becoming a specialty of blockchain-based games, which are building their own decentralized economies, while brewing considerable funds. We will therefore have to keep an eye on this still very new area …